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                          Swingers 55. Club

                             Welcome to our Website Swingers55 

       Please visit each page,so there is no misunderstanding of what we are about.If you are  mature people over 55 ,this is the place for you.Here we will never judge you for your age or size.What you will have is a place that is safe,clean,fun with very friendly people.Our club caters to mature couples  over 55  and singles .Our location is  private. W e have been in this business for over 20 years.Come join our club and let us treat you like queens and kings.  In this lifestyle everyone wants the magic and here you will find that.We are not a palace, but a location that caters to smaller gatherings. Our club is for mature people over 55 who are in the lifestyle.The swinging lifestyle of men and women enjoying each other,has been around since the beginning of time.Swingers do have an open mind and a free spirit to enjoy others..Newbies will be nervous at first and may not find people on the first or second gathering.RELAX and have a drink and ask questions of the couples you think may be a play match.Most of all be honest.We will expect you to be fresh and clean for a gathering.The last thing we need is people telling us someone smells..This is a place for Magic to happen and enjoy while you share that with others. This is a Meet & Greet . We have two C.M.Ts who do massage for a living and now offer the service  at a discount to mature people. We book during the week as well as at our events. Please call for more information about our massages and what we offer.  937-672-7228.  SWING CLUB, SWING LIFESTYLE,  SWINGER COUPLES ,SWINGERS OVER 55. MATURE SWINGERS, ME7T & GREET FOR MATURE PEOPLE, SWING CLUBS FOR SENIORS, SENIOR SWINGERS.

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