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                                                               Our Rules

 NO cell phones!

NO drugs at all !

NO drama!

NO smoking!

NO more than one person in the bathroom at one time.

NO grabbing of others!

NO  running around naked people can see for we are out side. No early shows for a gathering,unless arranged!

DO not come to this location while it is CLOSED!  DO NOT  arrive intoxicated or high! You will be ask to leave and never return  EVER!!!!!!!

 Please lock all of you valuables in your vehicle.

If  You can not be here after you book  a spot show some class and call so we can put another couple in your place. If  you do not call you will be put on our Black list for ever.! It takes TIME  and MONEY  to plan an event. Show some class. It is not fair for others to be left out when you don't show..                                                                                                                  $60.00 a couple. You do not have to be a married couple to Come to our Meet and Greet events. Singles are welcome. Plus size are always welcome here and will never be turned away. Our club is for Meet & Greets only for now.  Will be doing a remodel this summer in our playroom and not in use at this time. Depending on the weather events will be outside and you are welcome to bring folding chairs and pop up tents to keep cool in. This is all you can eat so no one ever goes away hungry. We have two spots to put your drinks in and plenty of ice. We have a bar and a hot tub now. All events will be posted on this site a week in advance of the gathering. Tickets will be available at that time.

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